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Prosigma Group companies are operant in former Yugoslavian countries and have been covering Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Montenegrin market for many years.
The group unites the following companies:
Prosigma Ltd., Slovenia, as the holder of the majority of foreign agencies and a participant in the ownership structure of the majority of other companies,
Larix Ltd., Croatia,
Priminvest Ltd., Bosnia and Herzegovina
As-impeks Ltd., Serbia
Montesigma Ltd., Montenegro.
Prosigma Group’s main goal is achieving efficient, rapid and uniform appearance in all of these markets.
We pride ourselves in an extremely effective business structure. Our employees are educated and qualified people. We have a great internal infrastructure in the form of business facilities and transportation means.
Each and every one of the sales programs we are representing is especially selected and provides the highest quality in its segment, as well as gives customers the ultimate guarantee for the purchase of a prime.
Due to our organized nature, we make a great partner to the parties interested in entering these markets, as we are ready to start acting immediately.
Nonetheless, a prerequisite for cooperation is a true superiority of the product mix and its consistency with our business strategy and our existing sales programs.


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