Environmental program

The group covers the following sales areas:
  • Biological treatment plantsS
  • ystems for collecting and using rainwater
  • solar power plants
Our customers are real estate investors: houses, business premises, apartment buildings, hotels...  Because of increasingly stringent legislation and the consequent need for quality environmental solutions, the sales have been rising sharply in the last five years.
The number of employees in this area of work is also increasing every year. Private logistics and increased storage capacities have consequently become a necessity. Increasingly stringent legislation is the foundation for quality products and integrated solutions.

Investing in solar power is an opportunity for all investors that are looking for safe investments. Because such building procedures tend to be extremely demanding, we fully manage them, thus taking away your concerns, until the start-up. Since there are a lot of equipment manufacturers in the area of alternative energy sources, we have specialized in the selection of equipment that is the most appropriate for a given case.
Okoljski program - RecycleOkoljski program - Alternative energyOkoljski program - Clean and green

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