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Prosigma Company mainly deals with the representation of foreign companies, all of which are among the leaders in their field of operation. Our main proxy has been, for the past 15 years, catalogue sales of office, storage and industrial equipment, made by the Swedish company AJ. In addition to the basic sales program, designed primarily for legal parties, we have been dealing with biological treatment plants and other environmental equipment for many years, soon reaching 1000th built treatment plant in Slovenia. In the past two years we have also been active in the field of solar power and have already built 15 facilities. Besides these basic and main sales segments, we have quite a few other agencies that we’re trying to place through our sales channels to familiar customers, such as business and promotional gifts, cash registers and safes, work clothing, sportswear, etc.

Our products are being bought due to their high quality, the quality of  long-standing business relationships, due to the good business relationship we have with our customers, because of our service and our willingness to go one step further for the final customer, who nothing but benefits from the whole situation. This separates us from our competition, which mainly emphasizes low prices. In addition, the fact that our customers are legal as well as natural persons is another competitive advantage for us.

From our beginning 15 years ago and up until the time of recession, our annual growth amounted to 30% on average. Although it declined slightly in the past year, we are proud to report that our market share continues to grow in all of the programs. The smallest growth comes from catalogue sales, where a lot of competitors with substantial catalogues have emerged in recent years, depriving us of some market share. However, things have lately been turning in our favor. Similar happened with our water treatment plants business, where we were practically pioneers in Slovenian market. And although a few tens of new competitors emerged in the recent years, most of them are struggling. Our market share has also been rising through our agents and officials across regions. The solar power business is still fairly new and the market has not yet stabilized, but judging from the current state, we believe that we are among the leaders! The market will be experiencing a high growth of demand and performance in the upcoming years.

Market potential of the region that we controls covers over 22 million people and growing. Due to the specifics of the market, multiculturalism and individual habits, it is important to enter this market with a reliable partner. Prosigma Group’s main goal is achieving efficient, rapid and uniform appearance in all of these markets. So let’s move from very good to extremely successful together!
  • We control the market potential of the region that covers over 22 million people.
  • Representing only those companies that are the leaders in their field of operation.
  • 15-year exclusive representation of the AJ Company, who is one of the leading European companies dealing with catalogue sales.
  • Average annual growth in sales in 15 years is 30%.
  • Own solar power plant on a facility in Maribor.

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